Stand-up Comedy

“I just wanted to thank you again for offering your Comedy Class. The interlacing of both writing and performing in class, and in front of the class, was extremely helpful.  Personally, I never realized how much the performing aspect would help the writing aspect.  They work in conjunction together. With your direction and suggestions, I feel that you have helped to raise the level of my delivery and writing by tenfold.” DE  


“First of all I just  wanted to thank you so much for having me in your class—The time I spent with you has been invaluable. You have made me more confident with myself on stage - all my friends have said they have seen a dramatic change for the better in my material as well as my stage presence. Most of all I feel the change within myself - being confident on stage is the most important thing to a comic and under your guidance I was able to get there.  Your patience and creativity has been amazing!  If you ever need a reference please tell the person to call me and all your classes will be full!  LLR


“I can honestly say I have never encountered any coach that is more well-rounded (performance, material, exploring creatively) and committed than Cheryl is.”  K


Quotes from Students in the

Standup Comedy Workshop

Explore joke-writing, persona and comic timing.

Learn performance techniques that enhance your delivery and increase the comic value of your material.

Cheryl's bona fides


Cheryl became a standup comic in 1982, when the US had fewer than a dozen comedy clubs, and worked as a full-time road comic through 1995. During that time, she shared the stage with many major comedy stars - Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Larry Miller, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher, Robert Klein, Steven Wright, Emo Phillips, to name just a few.


Eventually she found the nightclub environment to be restrictive and she left standup to enter theatre, and to produce her own solo show "not a nice girl."


Her style is still richly comic, and her comic timing and influence are fully apparent in her work.

Cheryl coproduced the Funny Women Fests in Chicago, IL in 2000 and 2001and the East Coast Funny Women Fest in 2002. She sold out her Standup Comedy workshops at every festival.


About Funny Women Fest: The first annual Funny Women Fest was held on August 24-27, 2000 in Chicago. Over 100 women from the United States attended the Festival classes and panels, and over 400 people attended the performances. In Funny Women Fest, February 2001, women from the United States, Canada and Japan helped to make the FWF a truly international festival. The first East Coast Funny Women Festival was held on October 24th – 27th in NYC and brought together nationally acclaimed performers of all types; stand up, improv, short films, sketch comedy and musical acts.


FWF's mission is to provide a supportive environment in which women performers, writers and directors are encouraged to explore and develop their talent and themselves through a uniquely feminine viewpoint. Our goals include strengthening the FWF outreach program, which focuses on minority women, teens and women who demonstrate financial need, and to endow our world with confident, strong, and knowledgeable female artists able to express a collective and individual voice.