Body Language

The Body Language workshop began as training for performing artists, and has proved to have applications for all communicators, business and sales people, teachers, and couples.

Cheryl King, New York actor/writer/comedian/exotic dancer, helps you become comfortable with your body. Using jazz dance exercise, visualization, acting, sensuality and improv exercises, she can help you enhance and develop your ability to communicate. InThe Body Language Workshop, we uncover hidden self-judgments that keep us from sensual self-expression, and replace them with joyful acceptance of our true voluptuous natures.



"People come back to my class after working with Cheryl King with a newly celebrated physical life that translates beautifully into scene work."


                                                         -- Carol Fox Prescott

Some student comments about the workshop


Your class has been so freeing in so many ways… I was much more physical and expressive on stage than before… your class was the warmest, most supportive acting environment I have ever been in. I wish I could replicate it everywhere I go… I auditioned for a video installation yesterday and your class came in very handy. The auditor was impressed… What a direct, electric way into my body, and into revealing myself onstage in front of people... I felt myself moving through personal barriers… After doing this, I feel like I can tackle any acting challenge… Taking the workshop was the ultimate risk for me, but ended up being tremendously FUN!...Things that I intellectually knew became organic

after the body language workshop."